Kara (karabearblu) wrote in river_ofstars,

Iconses: American Beauty, Ewan/Hayden, Hayden, Gale Harold, 21 Jumpstreet

50 american beauty (part 1 of a.b. icons)
4 ewan/hayden
6 hayden christensen
9 gale harold
5 21 jumpstreet

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textless icons are not bases

brush credits: evenstar and colorfilter

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You are fantastic for making American Beauty icons! I saved several and I will credit when I use them. Thank you so much. :)
Swiping 64 and 68. Cuz they're pretty.
I adore the Gale and American Beauty ones! Spectacular! :)
Oooooh, Jump Street Johnny Depp! Such a beautiful boy! Yummy!
These are beautiful. Not taking any atm, just wanting to let you know :D

And OMG creepy!Spacey, *LOL*
The ones of Ewan and Hayden are so cute.
took a bunch of the AB ones
Snagged #55 :) Will credit.

AMAZING! You have such talent. I hope you don't mind, but I took the "artificial happiness" american beauty icon. I'll definitely credit
beautiful! esp. the ewan/hayden ones! nice work!
Took 47. Will credit. Thanks.
your icons rock ... i snagged 47, 49, 68 and 74, and will credit when i use them ...
love the 21 jumpstreet icons; will credit.
All your icons are great. I'm gonna take and credit you for 51-54. Thanks. :)
Ilove you. I'm taking one of Gale.

I so love you for making American Beauty icons!!!
Took tons, thanks!
Snagged several Gale icons. Great job! Will credit when used.
I took Nr. 30 for an forum! Is that ok?
I will Credit you in a link!
Your Icons are amazing!
taking #47, will credit when used
48 is lovely; I'm scooping it up
Took 61 and 64, will credit. :)
9, 42, 43, 50. will credit.
using 'go team' :)
These were over a year ago but American Beauty icons are so hard to find and I love these. Thank you!
Beautiful icons. Snagging #74. Will credit! I love 21 JumpStreet.
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